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Rental Rates

Do you teach private lessons? Do you have a band that needs a place to rehearse? Do you want to host an event?!


We have 3 spaces available. To rent the space is $10/hour or $120/month for 3 hours a week. Please email if in need of a space to conduct your craft.  

Please email your needs and we will add you to our google calendar.

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Music & Art Lessons

25 each for private lessons.

2 hour group classes are 15.

For classes and other information, please call Francisca at 702-643-4356 or email at


Acting skills will help develop your child’s potentials in all fields. Everybody needs to be more expressive in their lives. Kids are better able to respond to adults once they have acting training. It is by far the best remedy for shyness. Acting talent in kids could show as extroversion or introversion. Acting training helps to balance these two personality traits. 



Our program will help your kids develop their talents and aid them in their English language skills. We offer a fun and lively environment to help kids develop their acting skills at their own pace. The performance aspect is something we emphasize because we are very close to the Arts District and we have tons of parking. For all acting classes, performances will take place every first Friday. It’s an important thing to bring the family and friends together to see the kids perform. We have had many packed houses and great performances in the past. 
Early Acting (3-5 years) Early participation in acting develops confidence and speaking skills. Kids learn to use their imaginations with other children in a performance situation. Playing different roles allows kids to develop their personalities. (Saturdays 10AM-12PM)
Teen Acting  (11-16 years) Students will learn: improvisation, scene study, acting for film, emotional connection, cold reading and audition skills. (Mondays & Wednesdays 4-6PM)
Primary Acting (6-10 years)This class helps kids with their speaking and social skills. It is important for kids to learn how to work together to put on a performance where everybody has their own job to do. Acting is about learning to take direction and working as an ensemble. Francisca is a very positive and supportive teacher. She helps kids with their self-image and self-confidence. (Tuesdays & Thursdays 4-6PM)
Cost: $10 per student/class
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