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​​These days, every serious actor needs an actor demo reel. These should be no more than two minutes in length and ideally should contain 3 to 4 excerpts from scenes you've done. Shooting a scene is an important part of your education. You have to know the protocol and how to act with the camera.


acting classes in television and film

 In this workshop, we will be working hands-on with camera, audio equipment, lights, and actors. We will be working on editing using Final Cut Pro 7, Premier Pro and After Effects.  The student will experience taking something from script to final product.

Peter Valentino
Acting Studio Hollywood

Peter Valentino has his own style of acting instruction. It is based on allowing the natural emotions to come forth. Acting is not pretending, it is being real.

INDIE filmmakers



​​​Acting classes in television and film, production workshops, and actor demo reels. 

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"Choose your Illusion" --PV